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Taste is a matter of debate, as we all know. But feelings of happiness are also transported via taste! That's why restaurants, cafés or bars are very special places where we can feel good.


With my consulting services - specializing in customer experience in the hospitality industry - I want to help restaurateurs to build and maintain an identity and a good image, so they can focus on what they are most passionate about: hitting a good taste.


Due to my versatile expertise in the fields of marketing and project management, financial services, as well as my job during my master studies as a bar manager in a Berlin scene bar, I offer practical know-how and smart strategies for the guests of tomorrow.


Together, we take an individual look at your location and its external image. Whether you are looking for holistic support for a new opening or a re-positioning, or you want to increase your visibility - digitally or on-site: Well Served will help you to develop the right roadmap to success.

I am looking forward to our first conversation at the bar!

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